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Reduce Harmful Estrogen And Regain Your Alpha Male Edge With DIM 3X™

Introducing a 100% natural way to combat rising estrogen levels as you age without any prescriptions or dietary changes.

VigRX Plus VigRX Plus

Introducing a 100% natural way to combat rising estrogen levels as you age without any prescriptions or dietary changes.

  • Metabolizes Estrogen
  • Improve Mood, Energy & Overall Health
  • Supports Testosterone
  • U.S. Patented Ingredients
  • Blocks Aromatase Enzyme
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Finally, Get Your Hormones Under Control

DIM 3X™ is designed to help men as they age, balance their hormones. It works by reducing damaging forms of estrogen and supporting testosterone production in your body.

Our formula includes a clinically-dosed amount of DIM (diindolylmethane). DIM is the bioactive compound in cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower) and exciting new research shows it helps balance hormones in a powerful way.

Studies show DIM helps get your hormones under control by…

Balancing Your Estrogen Levels:

The goal is not to eliminate estrogen but to achieve “balance”. DIM 3X does this by converting bad estrogen (16-alpha-hydroxyestrone) to good estrogen (2-hydroxyestrone) metabolites.

Blocking Aromatase Enzymes:

Our formula helps prevent testosterone from converting to estrogen by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme. This also boosts your overall testosterone levels.

Supporting Testosterone Production:

Our formula includes extra hormone support by promoting optimal testosterone levels in men with Vitamin E.

Dr. Redden A.K.A. “Doc Thor” Reveals The Science Behind DIM 3X

The Constant Battle of Managing Your Hormones

As men get older, testosterone levels drop, while estrogen levels increase. Science tells us, this hormonal “shift” is part of the aging process. That means…

Hormones can be completely out of whack!

And that’s bad news. Because hormones control much of how you look and feel. For example, when certain estrogen hormones are high, a normal, middle-aged man can transform into a moody, teary-eyed emotional wreck, overflowing with irrational emotions.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Because when testosterone and estrogen are out-of-balance, a laundry list of problems rears its ugly head. Like sudden weight gain. Lack of confidence. Muscle shrinkage. Loss of libido. Low energy. And even worse, hormonal imbalances can bring long-term health problems. That’s why for many men, managing hormones becomes a constant life-long battle.

As most medical professionals will agree, without addressing this hormone problem, things will only get worse.

If You’re Experiencing ANY Of These Symptoms, DIM 3X™ Can Help…

Hormone imbalances affect each man differently. With some men suffering more intense problems than others. With that said, here’s a short list of problems men face when their hormones get out of control:

  • Exhausted Man Icon

    Feeling trapped in a prison of fatigue, feeling tired all the time

  • Exhausted Man Icon

    Losing weight becomes nearly impossible, while inches are added to your waistline virtually overnight

  • STD Icon

    Sexual desire tanks, with weaker, softer, disappointing erections

  • Angry Man Icon

    Terrible mood swings occur, along with feeling overwhelmingly sad

  • Man Boobs Icon

    Man boobs (Gynecomastia) appear no matter if you’re considered “skinny” or not

  • Fat Icon

    Exercising feels pointless, bearing little to no results

  • Exhausted Man Icon

    Muscles shrink while strength withers away like a dead Fall leaf

DIM 3X Is Simple To Add To Your Daily Routine

If you’re willing to add 1 capsule of DIM 3X to your daily routine, then you could begin noticing the hormone-balancing benefits, starting in just 2 weeks. The key is daily supplementation. That’s because natural hormone support progresses over time. And DIM 3X makes it easy to do.

You should also know, our formula includes high-quality DIM, along with Vitamin E, for extra hormone support. We’ve also included a 3X absorption system for faster results. And that’s why we believe this is the most powerful all-natural hormone-balancing formula for men anywhere.


Lower Harmful Estrogen & Boost Your Mood

Estrogen affects your brain. In fact, it directly influences serotonin receptors in your brain, which modulate mood, mental state and emotions. So when estrogen levels are sky-high, men can become emotionally irrational. Some guys even describe feeling like a woman experiencing PMS or menopause.

For example, a burly man can begin blubbering like a newborn baby just from watching a break-up scene in a silly chick-flick. Which might sound funny, but it’s not. Because estrogen imbalance can also cause intense sadness. While also eliminating a man’s confidence and self-esteem. Which is why so many guys with high estrogen levels describe feeling like a total “failure” in life.

Luckily, DIM 3X can help regulate this estrogen imbalance so you can get your emotions back on track. And with a better mood, you can go back to enjoying the things you love. With more confidence. Less stress. And you’ll be shocked at how much you’re accomplishing when you’re feeling your best.

DIM3X™ Works. Ask Our Fans

It Helped Them Too

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Here’s What Guys Are Saying About DIM3X

“More energy when I wake up, better workouts in & out of the bedroom”

“This is my 1st time using DIM3X – I’m 53 & needed something for more energy & more consistency in the bedroom! – I started feeling difference within a week – more energy when I wake up, better workouts in & out of the bedroom! I will be buying more to keep this in my plan – Great product – great quality – I know my body by now & can just tell – I have tried other brands a few years ago but didn’t feel it was worth keeping up with like DIM3X!”

– Geno L.

Increase Your Daily Energy Levels

Most guys getting older can feel their energy levels declining. But when levels of the “bad” estrogen are high and testosterone levels are low… a man can feel sluggish all day long even with a good diet and workout routine. This can make even the most health-conscious men feel like they need an afternoon nap.

But with DIM 3X you just might find yourself skipping the nap and working out instead. In fact, when your hormones are balanced, you’ll feel more energy throughout your day… a LOT more. Just imagine waking up early, buzzing with new energy that lasts all day. Wouldn’t that be amazing? What would you do with all that extra energy?

Reduce Visible Body Fat

When hormones are out of whack, weight gain becomes unavoidable. Heck, some men experience weight gain virtually overnight, with some men experiencing the formation of man boobs. And the worst part is, no matter what you do, it doesn’t seem to work. Why?

Because it’s a hormone issue!

Hormones play a key role in your metabolism and how much your body burns fat. With DIM 3X, you could get your hormones in check, so you can finally start seeing results from your efforts. You could even expect to see your waistline slim-down and the number on the scale drop, without doing anything extra.

Enhance Strength & Stamina

One major reason why men feel less “manly” with improper hormone balance is because of muscle shrinkage and strength depletion. But now, with DIM 3X, you can support your testosterone level, so you can feel more strength and stamina. With this extra boost of endurance and might, you could start noticing faster muscle growth and better workouts.

Boost Your Focus & Reduce Brain Fog

We all know how hormones play a role in a man’s sex drive and performance, but most don’t know how hormones affect brain chemistry. When hormones aren’t in check, men can experience lack of focus, concentration problems and even occasional memory lapses. This might not sound like a “big deal” for some, but if this cognitive “breakdown” is happening to you, it’s a scary place to live.

But when your hormones are “dialed-in” you can expect your brain to fire on all cylinders. This way you could start thinking more clearly, and combat the brain fog that can ruin an important meeting or business presentation. Your mental stamina could last all day too. Helping you remain sharp, even late into the evening, so you can be fully engaged in your home and romantic life, without feeling “zoned-out”.

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Improve your mood, focus & attention

Get Some Help In The Sack

Science tells us testosterone is the male sex hormone. But equally important for your sex life is the balancing of estrogen. That’s because estradiol, the predominant form of estrogen, plays a critical role in male sexual function. Without the proper balance, male libido suffers and erection problems can occur.

DIM 3X could be a game-changer for your sex life. With your testosterone levels booming and estrogen balanced, you could expect your sex drive to improve drastically. Feeling sexually charged like a teenager, with harder, longer-lasting erections. And when your hormones remain balanced, you may never have to worry about performance ever again.

You’ll Get Better Results With Our 3X Absorption System

Having the proper dosage of DIM is key for balancing your hormones. And with DIM 3X™, you’re getting the proper scientific dose. The same dosage medical researchers used in clinical studies. But what makes DIM 3X™ really special is its triple-advanced absorption system, which includes AstraGin® and BioPerine®.

AstraGin® and BioPerine® are both 100% natural, patent-protected bioavailability enhancers. Which is a “fancy” way of saying they’re both clinically proven to make supplements more effective. Making DIM 3X™ a powerful natural option for balancing your hormones.

DIM 3X™ Also Gives You Extra Hormone Support

Vitamin E plays a role in digestion and hormone health.  But unfortunately, according to a U.S. national survey, more than HALF of American adults don’t get enough daily Vitamin E. And this can cause major hormone imbalances. That’s why each dose of DIM 3X™ provides you with 134% of the daily value of Vitamin E. Providing your body the extra hormone support you need to feel your best.

No Prescription Required

Discovering your high estrogen levels may have felt like a shock. And if you spoke with your doctor about it, he may have suggested prescription drugs along with diet and exercise. Which is great. Because as you know, diet and exercise are very important. But you might be doing this already, and unfortunately, it’s not working.

That’s because you need something to help regulate your hormones. And you would prefer a natural option, free of reported side effects, for getting your estrogen levels under control. An option like DIM 3X. Because even though our formula includes patent-protected ingredients, you don’t need a prescription to improve your hormone health with DIM 3X.

DIM 3X™ Is A 100% Natural Way To Keep Your Hormones In Check

Our one-of-a-kind formula is 100% natural. It’s made with a clinically-dosed amount of DIM and Vitamin E for powerful hormone support. We also included BioPerine® and AstraGin® for increased bioavailability, so you can achieve faster results.

  • Patent Icon

    U.S. Patented Ingredients

  • Patent Icon

    cGMP Certified Manufacturing Practices

  • Patent Icon

    FDA Registered & Inspected Facility

  • Patent Icon

    No Prescription Required

  • Patent Icon

    No Doctor Visits

  • Patent Icon

    No Negative Side-Effects

  • Patent Icon

    ZERO Gluten

  • Patent Icon

    ZERO Soy

  • Patent Icon

    ZERO Eggs

  • Patent Icon

    ZERO Dairy

  • Patent Icon

    ZERO Wheat Grain

  • Patent Icon

    ZERO Sugar

  • Patent Icon

    ZERO Preservatives

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why DIM 3X™ comes with a 100% satisfaction, 67-day, money-back guarantee. This means you can “test drive” this amazing hormone balancing breakthrough, absolutely risk-free.

Simply place your risk-free order today. If you’re not fully satisfied, send back the unused portion in the original container (within 67 days of receiving your order), and we’ll quickly refund 100% of the purchase price, minus shipping.

So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The results you experience could change your life forever. In just a few weeks, you could start feeling better, with more energy, drive and confidence. Give DIM 3X™ a risk-free try today. You’ll be happy you did, we guarantee it!

Any Questions

DIM 3X is an all-natural formula designed to help men balance their hormones as they age, while reducing active estrogen levels.
Men with high levels of estrogen who are seeking a natural way to balance hormones.

Our formula is designed to help balance male hormones.

This state of hormonal “balance” is achieved by 1) balancing good and bad estrogens 2) blocking aromatase enzyme and 3) supporting healthy testosterone production

And when your hormones are “dialed-in” you can expect:

  • Better mood (more confidence and less irrational emotions)
  • Higher energy levels (less fatigue, less grogginess, and less tiredness)
  • Improved performance (better workouts with more stamina and strength)
  • Muscle growth (faster muscle recover with more lean muscle mass)
  • Weight loss (lose stubborn belly fat without changing your diet or routine)
  • More drive (feel your motivation levels shoot through the roof with confidence soaring sky-high)
  • Enhanced cognitive functions (sharper memory and focus with less brain fog)
You could start noticing results in 2 weeks. Just remember, the longer you take DIM 3X the more you could benefit. Balancing your hormones is not a simple “overnight” trick. Anyone who tells you this is lying. But with continued use, you’ll appreciate the improved mood, energy, focus and health benefits that only comes when your hormones are balanced.
DIM 3X™ is the superior natural option for balancing your hormones for three reasons: First, dosage. DIM 3X™ is clinically dosed with 200 mg of high-quality DIM. This dosage has been used successfully in human clinical studies. Second, absorption. Our dual-patented formula is equipped with AstraGin® and BioPerine® for enhanced nutritional absorption. This enhances the benefits drastically. Third, extra hormone support. Our formula includes Vitamin E, which is shown to support healthy testosterone levels. And the fact is, research shows the majority of men as they age, lack proper levels of Vitamin E, which can severely mess with your hormones.

DIM (Diindolylmethane) - A bioactive compound found in cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower). Research shows this compound could help balance male hormones while reducing active estrogen levels.

AstraGin® - This 100% natural patented compound is clinically proven to improve nutritional absorption. It’s made with Panax Notoginseng and Astragalus Membranaceus and backed by 24 studies. Research also shows AstraGin® could help improve gut health.

BioPerine® - This patented black pepper extract enhances bioavailability. Clinical studies show BioPerine® can help absorption by 30% to 60%.

Vitamin E - This powerful antioxidative vitamin could help promote healthy testosterone production for additional hormone support.

DIM 3X is an all-natural formula with no reported negative side-effects.

Supplementing with DIM 3X is simple. Just take 1 capsule daily, with meals. Just remember, DIM 3X is a daily formula, for best results, please take it every day. 

When you order DIM 3X today you’ll also receive a no-hassle, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try DIM 3X at your leisure, absolutely risk free. If you’re not happy (for any reason) simply send back the empty bottles for a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping. Just make sure you get the bottles back to us within 67 days. This gives the average customer a full 2-months to “test drive” DIM 3X from the comfort of their home, without risking a penny.

DIM 3X Works, Ask Our Fans.

It Helped Them Too!

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DIM 3X Is A 100% Natural Option To Keep Your Hormones In Check

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